I See Me! personalized books for kids

Disclosure: We received these books at no cost in order to write this review. I have also included links to I See Me! which when you use them, and make a purchase with them, will help support this blog by paying me cash for sharing what I love. Thanks for your support!

Our house is filled with little readers, and big readers. The Boy is learning, and he loves to get books that he can see his name in. It makes him pay attention “just that extra bit.” So when given the chance to receive free ISeeMe.com  personalized books for the kids, the answer was a TOTAL AND ABSOLUTE YES! It proved to be a great decision! Of course, now I’m reading the book to him every day. We’re down to once a day, now, though! At least I’m only reading it to him once a day, Little Miss ends up reading it to him a couple of times, too! In any event, having personalized books for kids is pure awesome!

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Personalized books for kids

Boys and pirates. They just go hand-in-hand, don’t they? I know in our house all pirate related shows, toys, and books are loved and cherished. It doesn’t matter what pirate, it’s a big YES with my son. The My Very Own Pirate Tale book from ISeeMe.com. has gotten a lot of love since it entered our home. It’s also stood up to the abuse from an almost five year old boy. The quality of the book is outstanding, the fact that my son’s first and last names are used in the book is magical for him, and I was impressed with the story, as well as the illustrations.

The story is all about the hunt for a new crew member. One that can be trusted, and relied upon. In order to find the name of this crew member, they introduced each letter of my son’s name with a different “sea creature.” He loved it. LOVED IT.

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Of course, Little Miss can’t be left out. She received My Very Own Fairy Tale for her reading pleasure! Luckily, she can read it all on her own, and fell in love with the book. She’s a fairy lover, and the book basically brings her through an adventure that leads to her becoming an honorary fairy! It’s beyond adorable. Each letter of her name is introduced by a different fairy. How can any little girl who loves fairies not fall in love with this book?

The front page of the book, or what I refer to as the Title Page, also includes a personalized message if you want it. Of course I added one, but I can’t share the picture of it, because their names are also inscribed on the page, with their birthdays, too.

Total FAN of these gorgeous books. As well as their lunch boxes! Do you remember having a metal one growing up? I know I had one, and they just stood up to major beatings during the school year! However, mine were never as cool as the personalized lunchboxes at I See Me! I’m disappointed they don’t have a pirate one….however, The Boy does enjoy dinosaurs and outer space, so perhaps one of those designs for him. Little Miss would love the Butterflies, and of course, the fairies lunchbox, too!

I’m won over with the quality, the attention to detail, and the satisfaction guarantee. I’ve started following I See Me! on Facebook. Now, you can’t just follow on one social media channel, so I’m also following I See Me! on Twitter. Since I’m such a huge fan of photos, I’ve also hunted I See Me! down on Pinterest, too!

I strongly recommend signing up for their emails, because when you do, they’ll send you a 10% off coupon to use towards your purchase! You know I love a good coupon. Plus a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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