Introduce kids to American Author James Patterson with Treasure Hunters

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James Patterson is one of the most well-known, and well-loved, authors in the world. I mean, he’s a native of New York, so of course, he’s fabulous, right? American authors like Patterson are few, and far between. However, his novels are too sophisticated for my kids. They aren’t old enough to handle Alex Cross, and all his psychology. Right? I mean, I’m a fairly bad mom, but even I have my limits when it comes to entertainment. Instead, the kids have been turned onto the more kid-friendly novels he’s been involved with for a few years. Treasure Hunters is the perfect combination of great story telling, and age-appropriate content. BAM.

Introduce kids to American Author James Patterson with Treasure Hunters [sponsored]

Introduce kids to American Author James Patterson with Treasure Hunters

Great writers are few, and far between, these days. In a world where things need to be written, and published, without much time to truly craft an amazing story. Selling books, and making money, has caused a huge drop in the quality of books being churned out. However, when it comes to kids’ novels, it seems the quality has dropped to the lowest level I’ve seen in a long time. I grew up with Ann M. Martin, and Judy Blume. Fun, but well-written, books. My kids come home with stories about dumb bunnies. For real? What’s going on with this world?

My daughter deserves great books, that engage her imagination, and keep her wanting more. I had absolutely no idea that American Author James Patterson wrote books for a younger audience, until now. He’s been doing it for a few years! I feel so, for lack of a better word, stupid, for not discovering this information sooner than this year. Patterson, with co-authors Mark Shulman and Chris Grabenstein, have created an amazing adventure series for pre-teens. The Kidd siblings always find themselves involved in adventures, and each have a unique personality. Children reading these books can definitely relate to at least one of these four siblings, even my daughter!

Treasure Hunters: Peril at the Top of the World

Little Miss received the book on a Monday, after I’d been traveling. I forgot to let Mr. Sunflower know she should start reading it while I was in San Diego. Whoops. However, it didn’t matter. As soon as she started reading it, she was hooked, and made her way through the book rather quickly. I let her know we’d be shooting a bit of a video, to discuss the book a bit, and do a little review.

Girl got her post it notes out, her pencil, too. Book ended up with multi-colored sticky notes with notes, upon notes, upon notes, to make it easier for her to review the book. No joke, she’s nuts. However, it works for her, and she was more than able to discuss Treasure Hunters: Peril at the Top of the World, with her old mom.

Personally, I love how art history was woven into the Kidd siblings’ adventure. Little Miss? Well, watch for yourself!


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