Memorial Day 2015

For love of country, they accepted death. Memorial Day 2015 quote. #memorialday #memorialday2015 #jamesagarfield #inspirationalquotesMemorial Day 2015

Memorial Day has always been the weekend my parents open up their pool, and summer officially begins. As a kid I never thought of what Memorial Day truly meant to so many people. I’m hoping to help my kids embrace the day, and learn to appreciate what is so special about Memorial Day. It all starts during Memorial Day 2015, as both are old enough to understand the significance of the day.

Our family may not have lost anyone in a war, but we’ve had plenty of family fight in wars. We also have many family members who have served in the military, including my father. It’s important for future generations to be educated about OUR history, and OUR military, and OUR country. It’s not being done as much in school, thanks to Common Core Curriculum. Now it’s up to my husband, and I, to teach our kids what true beauty of Memorial Day is, and how important it is for our country.

How do you celebrate Memorial Day? Please, tell me in the comments below!


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