Monsters University had The Boy standing up to laugh louder, and harder

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Monsters University

Loyal readers know I get to see Disney movies just a few days earlier than their release dates. At least, I usually do. It’s a lot of scheduling that has to happen, and sometimes, it just doesn’t work out. In the case of seeing Monsters University prior to the release on June 21st, we had someone’s Universal Pre Kindergarten graduation ceremony on the same night Disney wanted to send us to see the movie. The Boy actually asked if we could skip his graduation, I considered it for a second (okay, maybe a minute,) but The Boy had been working so hard on all the songs for the big night……I just couldn’t miss it, right?!!!

I tell you this, because I usually don’t have to pay for my tickets to see the show with the family. Well, for this one, the kids and I had to pay. We went on opening day, after Little Miss got out of for her last day of school. It was an expensive visit to the theatre, as I also got popcorn and a beverage for all of us to share. My only regret? Doing the 3D version, instead of just seeing the normal version. It would have saved some cash, and the movie really isn’t enhanced at all with the 3D. It’s not like it needed the 3D.

Monsters University in 3D

Monsters University Movie

Now, with all of that out of the way, what did we think of the movie? Totally worth going to see it in the theatre! The kids loved it, The Boy completely adored it. After crying like a lunatic when he found out it was his graduation keeping us from attending the preview, I couldn’t stand it if they missed out seeing it in the theatre. Boy, did he soak it all in! The 3D glasses were a perfect fit for his face, unlike when we go to the previews at another theatre. He spends almost the whole time pushing the glasses up, and seriously misses half the movies! I should have kept the two pairs we got, but we recycled them like good movie patrons.

I’ve never seen my son laugh this hard at a movie. It could be the heat had gotten to him? It could have been the excitement of having his last day of school, knowing he would be attending the same school as his big sister in September. Perhaps it was the popcorn he was shoving into his mouth, and the delight of seeing coming attractions for the movie Planes.

Whatever it was, he was laughing like it was the first time he’d laughed in his life. Loud, and crazy-like. He actually got up out of his seat, so he could plant his feet on the ground, and really get that belly laugh going. I spent almost the whole movie watching him laugh, and Little Miss sat wide-eyed watching the screen, then her brother, and then jamming her hand into the popcorn.

What did I think? It was actually super cute. I laughed, when I wasn’t laughing at my son’s laughter, quite a bit at the movie. The funniest parts of the movie were the ones with the entire “fraternity” Mike and Sulley join in order to compete in the Scare Games. The Boy loved Squishy, and I found all of the interactions between them rather comical. Totally worth the price of admission, just skip the 3D on this one. Kind of a waste of cash…..at least in my opinion.

Apparently, all that laughing, and popcorn eating wiped the two of them out……

Monsters University after movie nap

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