My conversation with medium Maureen Hancock

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It’s an amazing feeling to finally find people I can connect with. I’ve changed a lot this 2011 and each day I try to remove one negative in my life and fill it with a positive. Today, I filled the negative I got rid of with an amazing POSITIVE. Her name is Maureen Hancock! She’s a Medium, you know. Wrote her own book about it, too. I did a review of it in May. Did you catch it? If not, definitely check it out here –> The Medium Next Door

A conversation with medium Maureen Hancock

I’ve been itching to get her on the phone since I finished the book in May. The woman is beyond busy, then her father passed away just earlier this month. Today we connected. It made my whole day! She’s just like me. Honestly, except for the gift of being able to talk to those who have passed, we’re exactly alike:

  • how we parent (yes, both of us are what everyone refers to as “overprotective”)
  • we finished each others’ sentences
  • both of us have a tendency to grab important documents when we want to jot down a note to ourselves (the mortgage bill is no place for a phone number to call to find out if you can get a nail appointment for next Friday)
  • we just THINK alike when it comes to life

She said things I was thinking, and that’s a big deal for me. Not many people I know connect with me like that.

How in the world did she know about this?

In the middle of us chatting, she asked me “when will you finish your book.” It stopped me cold. I almost dropped the phone. Until THIS MOMENT RIGHT NOW, only three people knew about my book. Mr. Sunflower, my wonderful friend Sofia from Sofia’s Ideas and my mother. How in the world did Maureen know about my book! I smiled and asked “how’d you know about my book”? She answered “It’s what I do.”

Guess what this little Mama will be doing every night until it’s done? Writing my book. HOW CRAZY AM I? Running a household, creating online content, working on a variety of businesses, and now, writing a book. But Maureen said I need to do it NOW. So I’m doing it NOW.

Watch out for my book. I have no title, nothing, to share with you – just an outline located SOMEPLACE in my house……….wish me luck on finding it later when the kids are in bed and it’s my time to write! Write MY BOOK. Say what?!!!


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