Pencil thin OLED TV at Best Buy on my family’s holiday gift list

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When I watch a movie at home, or a television show, I want to experience the movie, or television show. I want to feel like I’m in them. The sounds, the images, the colors….. if I could get scent-television I would. I don’t sit down to watch television often, as the kids and husband control the remote most of the time. However, when it’s my turn, I want to make it an experience. Right now we’ve got a flat screen like almost every other person in the world, but what I want is an OLED TV. Yes. When I go shopping, I find myself wandering over to the OLED TV at Best Buy. It’s hypnotic. It calls to me. It says “You need this in your home, girl. Get to hinting around about this one with everyone you know, so maybe it’ll just show up on your doorstep with a lovely note saying LOVE SANTA.”

Pencil thin OLED TV at Best Buy on my family’s holiday gift list

Who makes this pencil thin OLED TV? LG does, of course. Do you know what that means? It means it’s got LG’s exclusive 4 Color Pixel technology. YES. Bright, vibrant colors so I can truly enjoy Matt Bomer on White Collar. It’s one of the few shows I watch on a regular basis. It also wouldn’t hurt to have the Infinite Contrast to really make the scenes filmed around New York City really pop.

OLED self-lighting pixels can switch on and off individually, so it gives infinite contrast ratio. It just makes the deep blacks on the screen go away, bringing more realism to the images on the screen. It’s like you’re in the city, and those buildings are right there around you, without having to deal with the train to get into NYC. BEAUTIFUL.

Along with being as thin as a pencil, it’s also curved, which gives that immersive viewing that increases the feeling of being “in” the scenes being played out on the television! It’ll feel like I’m in the board room with Harvey Spector in SUITS. Yes, I lean towards the shows filmed in New York City, it’s my thing. Heck, I still watch repeats of Sex and the City every chance I get!

All of this is fabulous, and why I want one of these televisions in my home. HOWEVER, the most excellent aspect of this television? The magic remote with voice. Whether I want to change the channel, or find something new, or even open an app, I can either wave my hand, scroll with the wheel, or use LG’s Voice Mate natural speech recognition. EVEN BETTER? Oh yeah, now I can get rid of the 3 remotes I have at home: television, cable box, Blu-ray player. Why? The remote can handle it all. One remote, all the control. Plus it actually listens to me…. it’ll be the first thing in this house that does listen to me without me having to yell at it.

The price tag is a little high, for sure. At Best Buy the LG 55EC9300 OLED TV is $3499.99. At other stores it’ll be $500 more, so Best Buy is a great place to get one for yourself, or for me. You know, whichever…..




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