Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood brought to life by Alice Cooper

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No matter how cool you think you are, you’re never as cool as Alice Cooper narrating the Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood app. Sorry, it’s just the truth. Rock legend narrating an iPad app? It’s just downright cool as all get out. Shut up and take my money, please. If you haven’t experienced this new, immersive storybook, you’re missing out. Collect your pennies, and head over to PeterandTheWolfHollywood.comand BUY IT.

Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood brought to life by Alice Cooper [spons] PeterAndTheWolfApp

Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood brought to life by Alice Cooper

If you don’t know who Alice Cooper is, I can’t even talk to you. Seriously. Google him, because I’m not going to spend time telling you how amazing this rock legend is. You should just know, appreciate, and bow down. ‘Nuff said. Now, he lent his voice to a visually stunning iPad app, Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood. Parents, kids, grandparents, basically everyone will appreciate this app. It’s a full-on experience. Gorgeous, handcrafted, painted, and photographed images immerse you in the story. The music? It’s insane to think a YOUTH orchestra created this gorgeous music.

If you’ve ever gone to your elementary school child’s orchestra performance at school, which I have, you’ll understand how insane it is for me to believe an entire youth orchestra plays instruments, like they do, for this iPad app’s soundtrack. I’m in awe at the production quality of this app. It’s seriously MOVIE STUDIO quality from top to bottom, side to side, and front to back.

Teachers need this app

If you’re a teacher, most especially a music teacher, you’re going to want to get this app and share it with your music students. It’s a fantastic way to introduce classical music to kids, and inspire them to listen to a variety of different classical pieces of music. There’s even a STUDY GUIDE you can download, to help teachers in the classroom. It has resources for teachers, and ways to use the app to help inspire your students.

The creators of this app thought of everything, and it is very clear they have a passion for the classics, as well as a love of humor. Doug Fitch is the visual artist, while Edouard Getaz is the producer, and the multimedia entrepreneur Frederic Gumy, finishes off the trio behind Giants and Smalls, a world-famous theatre company. Your eyes, and ears, will thank you for downloading the app.

Plus, there’s games you can play, and if you download the iPad Deluxe App version, there’s also an additional music learning section.

If you’re a parent who wants to bring the classics into your child’s life, get the app. Absolutely. But if you’re a music teacher, and you have access to an iPad, I strongly encourage bringing this into your classroom for your students to experience. It’ll be the best time they’ve had all school year, and kids LOVE to have tablets incorporated into their learning, don’t they?

Go check out PeterandTheWolfHollywood.com.

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