Book Review: Sandy Alemian’s What was GOD THINKING?!

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Slowly, over the last few months I’ve opened up my mind to new things. I’ve accepted books into my life I never would have picked up! What was GOD THINKING?! by Sandy Alemian is one book I never would have looked at prior to this year. However, after reading it cover to cover, I’m so glad I did!

Sandy Alemian’s offering answers in her book What was God Thinking?!

Sandy’s writing is brutally honest, funny and completely sincere. She shares all of her wounds, hardships, mistakes and failures. However, she also shares her accomplishments, triumphs and at the end of the day, an amazing understanding of LOVE. Quite simply, Sandy’s awesome.

There are few women in this world who are genuine, completely real and committed to showing every part of herself. After talking with her via Skype, I have found a friend in her. We are cut from the same cloth:

  • we both love to share from our hearts
  • both of us put it all out there
  • neither of us has issues letting everyone see all of our flaws, and weaknesses
  • we love to share when we “get it” and “lose it” and then “get it” again!

Life changer

No holds barred, here. Straight out: her book changed my entire life. No exaggerating. I’m over the age of 30. My entire life God and religion and church were wrapped in one package. You either accepted all three, or you had nothing. Since I never connected with religion and church, my thought was: I guess I don’t connect to God either. The result: turning my back on all of it. Sandy’s book entered my world, and it changed me. It CHANGED ME. I now understand I can have a relationship with God ON MY TERMS. It’s made a huge difference in finding more peace in my life. And who doesn’t love more peace in one’s life?

Pessimist changed for the good

Don’t go rolling your eyes my fellow Long Islanders and New Yorkers. What I’m about to tell you would normally make me roll my eyes, too! Just open up your mind before reading the next sentence.

The book is a dialogue Sandy had with God. Yes, I wrote that.

She had a conversation with God. She asked him questions, he answered her questions, and some of his answers hit like a ton of bricks. My favorite part of the whole book, the one that I go back to often, is on page 78. On page 78 she describes how God breaks down the Lord’s Prayer for her heart. Shockingly, it was exactly what my heart needed. Will everyone be changed to the degree I was? Is everyone going to embrace this book in the same way I have? That would be a big no. However, I think everyone should, at least, read it and give it a chance.

Sandy Alemian

Following the death of her one month old daughter, Sandy wrote her first book, Congratulations…It’s an Angel. Both of her books are about healing, as well as love. Simple and sincere. She writes as if you’re in her head with her. Before we even met through Skype, I felt like I knew her just from reading her book. She’s exactly how you would imagine she would be: warm, loving, doing everything from her heart. Our conversation lasted almost two hours, she helped me overcome a roadblock I’ve had up for some time and coming out of our chat, I feel that I’ve made a true friend.

You can purchase her books through her website, www.sandyalemian.com. I recommend it to EVERYONE. Open up your mind, give it a real read. Maybe even more than once!

It’s worth the expense. The value I’ve gotten out of it cannot be calculated. It’s been fantastic.

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