Rhapsody brings Uptown Funk right to all my devices

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Try Rhapsody for 30 days Free, Cancel Anytime!Music is something that gets me through each day. I listen to it while I drive, while I work, while I clean, while I drift off to sleep. I don’t care if I know the words, or not. I sing along loud and proud. If I’m feeling defeated, music brings me back up from the floor. Even my kids are lovers of music, and singing, whether they know the lyrics to the song, or not. I prefer to create my own playlists, and mix up my song lists according to my daily activities. The radio doesn’t really work for me, since I can’t control when and what is played. It’s why I choose to feed my music addiction with a little thing called Rhapsody.com!

Rhapsody brings Uptown Funk right to all my devices

I go through phases….sometimes I just want to listen to the Pitch Perfect soundtracks, and other times I want to listen to all my favorite artists for the whole day. I’ve got lots of different playlists set up, and depending on what kind of day I want to have, I pop on a playlist to make my day happen the way I want it to happen.

If the day calls for a lot of positive energy, I have a ton of upbeat dance/pop kind of beats happening. My personal addiction right now is Uptown Funk featuring Bruno Mars. How can you not smile, and have a great day listening to songs that are just meant to make you SMILE AND DANCE???!!! When the day calls for a more serious turn, I’ve got a whole list of songs that are only instrumentals, so I can still feel the beat, but not get caught up in lyrics. Killer focus days for me require Elvis Presley songs, and a little Jay and the Americans magic! I know the songs so well, I don’t even have to think about the lyrics as I sing them and write my heart out.

Music powers me all day, every day. There’s never a day that goes by I don’t have fuel my soul with songs I’ve loved for years, and with songs that are brand new on the music scene. Bad moods change as soon as a great song comes on, and great moods are enhanced with an amazing beat, no matter who the artist is, even Taylor Swift singing about shaking things off.

What I don’t love? Downloading tons of songs onto my computer, or my phone, or even the iPad. I prefer to have a little application that allows me to create playlists for myself, and access them through the app. My phone memory isn’t eaten up, my computer isn’t bogged down by tons of music, and I don’t spend tons of cash on one song for $1.99 here and there. I spend $10 per month, I get access to EVERY SONG YOU CAN IMAGINE, and I can make it my own. Playlists for the kids, for myself, and even country for the husband. It’s all in ONE place: Rhapsody.

I started with a Rhapsody Premier 14 Day Free TrailI loved it so much, I just jumped right in and now I’ve got Unlimited Music – Just $10 a month! With my Rhapsody Premier I get unlimited access to millions of songs; I can download any song, album, or playlist; I also get to listen to it on three different devices. I have it on my smart phone, my desktop and my iPad. It can be used mobile, web, and on a home audio device. My smart phone has the free app, as does my iPad, and then I use the web access on my desktop! PLUS, I get the unRadio subscription included.

What’s unRadio? It’s Ad-free radio, my friends. If you’re not up for the $10 per month Premier subscription, you can also just get the unRadio subscription. It’ll cost $4.99 per month. You get unlimited, infinite skips; 25 favorites on-demand; offline playback for favorites; Worldwide radio stations; and you can start with a 14-day trial period to see if you love it before you start paying the $4.99 per month!

Customize your Rhapsody or let Rhapsody dictate your listening

Playlists can be made, and you can create a “radio station” of your very own. However, Rhapsody also has great selections for things like a New Year’s Eve party mix. After Joe Cocker’s death, Rhapsody had a great mix of songs in one collection for anyone to check out and listen to, and add to his, or her own collections. I love stuff like that!

Check out Rhapsody, and sign up today using my link and helping to support my small business, A.K.A. NovemberSunflower –>Rhapsody Premier 14 Day Free Trail

Try Rhapsody Free for 30 Days

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