Sky Zone opens in Deer Park

Disclosure: The family and I were allowed to jump for an hour at no charge. I had no plans on reviewing the park, we were just going to check it out and support a friend who happens to have helped bring Sky Zone to Long Island. While there, I realized how much safer the place was compared to another park in our area, and decided other families should know about my feelings on the park. All opinions are 100 PERCENT my own.

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You may recognize Sky Zone from a little show that many people love to watch, The Real Housewives of Orange County. One of the couples on the show opened a Sky Zone in California, I would imagine in Orange County. It’s a trampoline park that’s been opening up throughout the country, and now on Long Island! Sky Zone opens in Deer Park – and it’s cloaked in my kids’ favorite colors: orange and blue.

Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park

As soon as you walk into the park, you’re greeted by the staff. They welcome you, and let you know where to sign your waiver, so you can purchase your tickets to jump on the trampolines. If you’re an adult, you enter in your information into their little computer screens (all touch screen and easy to navigate.) If you’ve got kids under 18, it’s up to you to get them waiver-ed up. It’s all electronic, no pens needed. Once everyone has a waiver, and it prints out your little waiver ticket, you head over to buy your jump tickets.

Now, if you’re computer savvy, and want to get the waiver signing out of the way before you even go to the park, head to the Sky Zone website and click on BEFORE YOU JUMP/Get your waiver now. There’s a spot to complete your waivers through their website, and then it’s in the system so you just head right to buying tickets when you arrive. Saves time when you’ve got two anxious kids, and the place is getting busy.

So waivers are done, now you want to purchase tickets. There’s two ways to purchase tickets.

  1. Go to the Sky Zone website, for Long Islanders, you’d head to the Deer Park one of course –> Deer Park Sky Zone  You pick the date to jump, the time and how long you want to jump for. Then purchase your tickets and arrive about 30 minutes prior to your jump time, so you know you’ll be checked in on time and ready to jump for your allotted time period.
  2. Arrive at the Sky Zone location at 111 Rodeo Drive, Deer Park and buy your tickets there. You might end up having to wait to purchase your tickets, as they have strict rules about how many jumpers are allowed to jump at one time. They want everyone to jump the entire time they are there, and not have to wait on long lines. It’s the chance you take if you decide to just pop in, instead of buy online.

How much does it cost to jump at Sky Zone?

The price you pay to jump at Sky Zone depends on the amount of time you want to jump. It makes sense. Pretty straight forward, and you get your first pair of Sky Zone socks as part of your purchase, so that charge is another $2.00 per set of socks. If you lose them, you’ll have to fork over money for a new pair. So hold onto them!

  • $10 to jump for 30 minutes *UPDATED Price (as of March 2015:) $11.00
  • $15 to jump for 60 minutes *UPDATED Price (as of March 2015:) $16.00
  • $20 to jump for 90 minutes *UPDATED Price (as of March 2015:) $21.00
  • $25 to jump for 120 minutes *UPDATED Price (as of March 2015:) $26.00

Once you’ve purchased your jump times, you’ll get a sticker to place on your shirt. It has the time you entered, and the time your jump session is over. The staff is trained to check the stickers, and if you’ve gone past your time, they’ll politely alert you your jump time is up. Only problem we had with this? The stickers aren’t very good. They fell off of me, as I had a slicker material on my sweat jacket. On The Boy, it started to tear down the middle….and fell off as we were getting ready to leave. If this happens, just go to the front desk area and ask them to print off another one.

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What’s there to do at Sky Zone?

Well, it’s an indoor trampoline park, so there’s these big trampolines……. Well, of course there are trampolines to jump around on, but there’s also activities to do on the trampolines. If you just want to jump, there’s a huge court in the back for jumping. You  just have to hear the rules first, and get your sticker marked off that you’ve heard the rules, before you can go on ANY of the trampoline courts.

If you don’t want to just “jump,” you can head to the dodge ball courts. If you don’t enjoy having balls thrown at you, you can go to the foam pit (big one for the kids,) or head to the three SkySlam basketball dunk courts. In February fitness classes will be starting (and that’s what this Mama is looking forward to so she can get back into shape.)

As a parent, if you’re not into jumping but your kids cannot be left there unsupervised, you can hang out on the couches and watch some television on the huge projector screen. There’s also a little food court where they sell drinks, pizza, and dipping dots.

What’s November Sunflower’s take on the whole Sky Zone park?

It’s a huge two thumbs up from November Sunflower. The prices are decent, and the place is clean. The staff is well-trained, and the safety rules are something that makes me feel at ease. The fact that they only allow a certain number of jumpers at one time is a huge draw for people, because when you pay for an hour of jump time, you jump for an hour. The foam pits might be a little wait, as there’s only five of them. And the SkySlam might be a short wait because there’s only three lanes for that, and kids that are 52 inches or shorter have to use the shorter net only.

However, the lines move fast and the staff makes sure people are following the safety rules. Safety is definitely the MAIN PRIORITY with Sky Zone. The trampolines are separated by padding, and even if you jump on the padding, you won’t even feel the difference. It’s one of the most seamless trampoline parks I’ve seen in the area. The court monitors were on top of the people jumping, and also engaged the kids who were jumping.

The lockers to hold your stuff are a bit small for the winter weather…..squeezing our four winter coats into the locker was a bit hard. We then discovered the larger sized lockers, but there are fewer of those to go around. If you’re going, be aware it costs 50 cents to get the smaller locker and 75 cents for the larger locker. We fit four winter coats, and our shoes in the larger one. The smaller one might fit two coats and two pairs of shoes…..

ALSO: NO JEWELRY can be worn when jumping. Rings, necklaces, earrings (other than post back earrings,) bracelets. Leave it all home! If you have to have a wallet, or phone with you to jump, wear a sweatshirt with ZIPPERED POCKETS. You aren’t allowed to jump with things in your pockets at Sky Zone. It’s more for your benefit, because you’ll lose things out of your pockets without realizing it and they can’t go looking for it during hours of operation.

Final note: You can do birthday parties at Sky Zone. It might just be one of the best birthday parties your kid ever hosts for friends, and family!


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  1. Lisa Frasca March 16, 2014 at 9:17 pm

    My son had his 9th birthday party at Sky Zone in Deer Park! We had a lot of kids at his party. They all had a great time including the adults! The staff was always checking to see if we needed anything! My son said “This was his best birthday party so far”!

    • Staci Gerardi March 16, 2014 at 9:46 pm

      I’m so happy to hear the birthday parties are top notch!

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