Throwback Thursday: Do I look any different?

I haven’t gotten into the Throwback Thursday thing yet….I’m not sure if I’ll ever do it on Instagram, but hey, I can do whatever I want on my blog, right?!!! So here’s my silly attempt at doing a little Throwback Thursday. Do I look any different?

I know it’s from at least 9 years ago, because I’ve got my youngest nephew in my arms! Now he’s changed a lot……but me? I just have more wrinkles now, and shorter hair! Oh and I no longer wear glasses, which are what’s perched on top of my head!

#tbt #throwbackthursday

PS-Did you notice the Red Solo Cup? I thought it was kind of funny in THROWBACK Thursday photo that I had a Red Solo Cup – like I’m throwing back a beer, or some other drink. LOL! It’s why I made sure to separate the words THROW and BACK in the photo…..oddly enough, the water bottle in front of me was what I was drinking. The solo cup was my sister’s…..JUST SAYIN’.

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