Today’s biggest hits on Kidz Bop 29

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Whenever a new Kidz Bop album comes out, I’m pretty much forced to get one. I’m addicted to hearing how the Kidz Bop team of writers changes the most inappropriate lyrics, into kid-friendly lyrics. No joke. It’s an obsession at this point! Especially my favorite song right now, Honey, I’m Good. Plus, my second favorite on the radio right now, Dear Future Husband. Today’s biggest hits on Kidz Bop 29 are sung amazingly well, as always. The Kidz Bop kids have crazy voice skills, and the lyrics – pure talent to create appropriate songs for not just kids, but families. Love it.

Todays’ biggest hits on Kidz Bop 29

Maroon 5 has a song out called Sugar. You’ve heard it. You’ve sung along with it. You turn around to realize your kids are singing the lyrics, and the mom guilt sets in: I’m a shit mom, my kids are singing the words “Won’t you come and put it down on me?” YIKES. Now you can listen to a total kid version that doesn’t insinuate anything sexual, and not be a shit mom.

It’s why I’m a huge fan of Kidz Bop albums. I despise listening to kid music. I’ve always hated to listen to music strictly catered to kids. It’s horrible, I’m sorry. There’s so few albums out there that I’ve enjoyed, because I just prefer today’s music!!!! I love listening to the radio, and hearing songs like Shut Up and Dance, Love Me Like You Do and Want you to Want Me. My kids prefer real music, from the radio.

Disney has some cute stuff from their shows, but it’s still not like the stuff on regular radio stations!

My kids prefer the radio, and in all honesty, they do know the lyrics from the songs on the radio. When I pop in the Kidz Bop albums, the kids kind of look at me with a cocked head, like a dog who hears a whistle. You know the pose. It’s there “What the f$%& face.” It’s the “Those aren’t the lyrics like the radio” looks I get from the rearview mirror that crack me up. I crack up, because for a long time the kids sing the actual song lyrics from the original versions over the Kidz Bop kids. However, slowly they begin to adjust and start singing the kid-friendly lyrics. It happens quickly, and it makes me feel like I’m not such a shit mom.

Really, it’s all about me and the mom guilt. Plus, I have no desire to listen to crap music while in the car. It’s a fine line, and Kidz Bop albums let me shed the guilt, but enjoy our jam sessions in the car.

It also makes The Boy smile whenever we get a new Kidz Bop CD. Since he broke his clavicle, I’ve been looking for all kinds of things to make the kid smile through the pain and discomfort. Music is always a great medicine in our home, and in our cars.

What songs are you excited to listen to on the new Kidz Bop 29 CD? Or the iTunes download? Let me know in the comments below!

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