What does the audience want

November Sunflower receives a lot of visitors each day. It’s a fairly popular website. It’s not as well-known as ones like Scary Mommy, or whatever other big ones are out there these days. It’s a solid blog, with a solid audience. However, my audience doesn’t chat much. It’s a downer. I’m a writer, I want to hear from my true audience. I don’t want to hear from spammers that leave me comments, and emails, that just give me links to some random pocket book website in Japan. It leaves me wondering…. what does the audience want here at November Sunflower?

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What does the audience want

It’s not that I don’t think you enjoy what I write. I know many of you do, because you keep returning to read my work every day. I know many of you love the writing, because you email me to tell me how much you love November Sunflower. However, I want to know the specifics. I want to know how to serve you guys. What do you want more of? I just can’t seem to figure it out.

Let me tell you, over the last couple of years, I’ve tried to work with two different people to get my webinars off the ground. Neither person followed through. I’ve lost a lot of time, and a bit of money, and I’m now frustrated. However, I still feel that many of you would benefit from these webinars where I plan on teaching the skills I have developed to not only earn free cash online, but also how to shop wisely with that free money.

I don’t shop for groceries, so that’s not going to take place here. There’s a boatload of websites that can teach you how to clip coupons, and show you where to use them, and all that kind of stuff. In this house, Mr. Sunflower does the grocery shopping. He’s got his own little system he loves, and it saves us a ton of cash, so he’s got that bag of tricks handled.

In this house, Mrs. Sunflower does all the other shopping. Kids clothes, gifts, household needs, pet needs, and whatever else pops up that needs to be purchased. Need a new laptop, I’ll make it happen. How about the new tablet you’ve been desiring? I can make it happen.

I live on Long Island, and it’s one of the most expensive places to live in all of the United States. I know my “sh*t” when it comes to spending less, but never lowering my high standards! I’m a girl who has a champagne mindset, but I get my stuff at six pack prices! I just need to know, is a webinar what you want?

What about goodies on the website? I did multiple shopping tutorials, did you love them? Do you want to see more of them?

Tell me, inform me, HELP ME better serve all of you.

I love to write, so let me write what you want to read. You’re “my people.” Leave me comments below. I have to approve each one, so don’t be shocked if you don’t see it appear right away. I spend my evenings approving comments…..and I love it. It makes me sit and actually READ them, instead of just having them up there and never being seen!


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