• Disclosure: Disney allowed November Sunflower and my family to preview this movie prior to its … [Continue Reading]

    Disney Planes Fire & Rescue
  • Who doesn't love being part of a team, right? It's all about sportsmanship and having fun, and … [Continue Reading]

    Mighty Mascot Team Challenge on Swagbucks
  • Timing is always everything, right? The Long Island Rail Road is planning to go on strike on Sunday, … [Continue Reading]

    Free Event: Chelsea Block Party at Rubin Museum
  • Disclosure: I'm affiliated with the Savvy Shoppers coupons displayed in this post. What does that … [Continue Reading]

    Savvy Shoppers Coupons
  • My week is being spent, for the most part, in New York City. I've got "work" to do at Blogger Bash. … [Continue Reading]

    Blogger Bash Coffee Talk

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Disney Planes Fire & Rescue

Disney Planes Fire & Rescue #disneyplanes #disneymovie

Disclosure: Disney allowed November Sunflower and my family to preview this movie prior to its release at no cost to me. All opinions, as always, are 100% my own! Brutal honesty folks....Disney Planes Fire & Rescue is cute for the kids, but not something anyone needs to run out and see on the big screen. Disney Planes Fire & Rescue Dane Cook is back as the voice of "Dusty." Ed Harris joins the cast this time around as "Blade Ranger". Julie Bowen as "Dipper" is probably my favorite … ...Read More...

Mighty Mascot Team Challenge on Swagbucks

team challenge #swagbucks #teamchallenge

Who doesn't love being part of a team, right? It's all about sportsmanship and having fun, and earning lots of free points!!!! Swagbucks is having another team challenge, where earning like we all do every day can get all of us a bonus! They're calling it the Mighty Mascot Team Challenge. Beginning Thursday, July 17th (at 12:01am PT), click the button on the top left of the homepage and join one of four teams: The Bulldogs, Hawks, Panthers and Knights. Then compete in the Mighty Mascot Team … ...Read More...

Free Event: Chelsea Block Party at Rubin Museum

chelsea block party #family #freeevent #freeinnyc #newyork #chelsea

Timing is always everything, right? The Long Island Rail Road is planning to go on strike on Sunday, July 20, 2014. Well, The Rubin Museum of Art is planning a huge free event, the Chelsea Block Party on that exact same day. It's happening from 1PM to 4PM this Sunday.... Chelsea Block Party Celebrating Rubin Museums of Art's 10th anniversary is a big deal, right? Plus, they just introduced an amazing new Family Sundays program that are geared towards creating artwork as a family. How sweet is … ...Read More...

Savvy Shoppers Coupons

Disclosure: I'm affiliated with the Savvy Shoppers coupons displayed in this post. What does that mean? It means if you click through the coupon links, I earn income. It doesn't cost you anything, it just helps me make a living here at November Sunflower. When I share, I like to get a little something, something! Thanks for supporting November Sunflower!   First things first: I don't do the grocery shopping in our family. I leave all of that up to Mr. Sunflower. He's good at it, he's … ...Read More...

Blogger Bash Coffee Talk

November Sunflower & Soleil Moon Frye

My week is being spent, for the most part, in New York City. I've got "work" to do at Blogger Bash. Well, that's what I've told my husband, and the kids. It's all work, I'm going to have no fun at all.... playing with toys, connecting with unreal sponsors, and meeting amazing people. Nope, no fun at all. You should totally feel bad for poor mommy, having to be in the hot, sweaty, sticky city for three whole days! (Of course, the kids have no idea they're coming to hang out for a few hours during … ...Read More...

Free at 7-Eleven

free at 7-eleven #freeslurpee #freeapp

Nine days of free goodies at 7-Eleven. If you download and register the 7-Eleven app, there's a free treat each day to enjoy at 7-Eleven. Yes, FREE at 7-Eleven! I don't joke about freebies! Free at 7-Eleven If you want to receive each day's free offer, download and register the 7-Eleven app. It's super easy to do. Just join by texting BDAY to 711711 to automatically download the app. If you're not into doing that, head over to Google Play and the App store on iTunes, the free app is … ...Read More...

Summer has a new flavor at Carvel: Nutella®

summer has a new flavor #carvel #nutella #nationalicecreamday

Disclosure: Summer has a new flavor over at Carvel. Carvel was gracious enough to send me a couple of gift cards in order to purchase this brand new Nutella® flavor. All opinions are my own, as always! Thanks for checking me out today. It's true. I'm a caramel lover. We all know how much I adore the Salted Caramel Carvel introduced back in the Spring. However, I'm not someone that misses the chance to check out a new ice cream flavor. When I found out summer has a new flavor over at Carvel, … ...Read More...

Holiday Inn Summer Concert Series 2014

Free on Long Island free outdoor music #summer #freeonlongisland

Did you know that the Holiday Inn concert series is happening in Stony Brook. Well, to be honest, it's the Long Island Culture Connection 2014 Summer Concert Series, but that's a huge amount to remember, so let's just call it the Holiday Inn Summer concert series. Whatever you call it, it's free and it's starting this month! Holiday Inn Summer Concert Series The Holiday Inn Express Stony Brook is the host to 8 weeks of free summer concerts. If you're a guest, or not a guest, it's totally … ...Read More...

4th of July

4th of July #independenceday #4thofjuly

It's our nation's day to celebrate!!! It's the 4th of July, or Independence Day, whichever you prefer to call it. I'm a big fan of the 4th of July. It's always been my favorite holiday. Our family gets to celebrate the day together with food, beverages, games, and lots of fun. The best part? No one feels obligated to buy gifts for each other. It's a huge celebration without gift giving pressures! Bring a dessert for after the BBQ goodies, and you're golden. Seven years ago in July of 2007, … ...Read More...

10 reasons you should learn a musical instrument

learning a musical instrument #music #piano

Here at November Sunflower I'm all about sharing amazing opportunities for kids, families, and basically everyone. In the world of education, I'm someone who feels all kids should learn a musical instrument. It rounds out a child's education in a way that nothing else can. With the help of our guest writer, Dace Dubrova, the President & CEO of C Major Music, Inc., here are the ten reasons why everyone should learn a musical instrument. 10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn a Musical … ...Read More...

Water toy for summer

water toy for summer #nerf #supersoaker #summertoy

Disclosure: The water toy for summer reviewed in this post was provided to me, and my kids, at no cost. No monetary compensation was provided. All opinions about the Nerf Super Soaker Tri Strike Crossbow Water Blaster are mine, and that of my kids. It's how we roll! Target. It's the store where you enter to purchase one thing, and you leave $150 later without the one thing you went into Target to purchase. Am I right? Bringing the kids just makes the shopping trip jump from $150, to $200+. … ...Read More...

Ultimate Dodgeball Championship at Sky Zone

ultimate dodgeball childhood cancer charity #skyzone #indoorpark #trampolinepark

As a kid, and even now, I'm not a huge fan of rubber balls being thrown at me. Call me crazy, it's just not my idea of fun. When we played it in gym back in elementary school, I thought it was bizarre. I just sort of stood there in utter disbelief that this was something kids thought was fun. However, once I was out, I thought it was great fun to watch. Now, seeing it happen on trampolines at Sky Zone is great entertainment. Ultimate dodgeball is truly something to see when it's played on all … ...Read More...

Summer reading programs offer freebies

summer reading programs #summerreading #freemoney

Reading seems to be a sore spot for many kids. Personally, my daughter loves to read. It works out well, because her brother hates it, but he loves when he's read to. Yup, you got it, I use my daughter's love of reading to get me out of having to read to my son all the time. Plus, summer reading programs that offer freebies helps give a little more incentive to never miss a night of reading before bedtime! Summer reading programs for 2014 Summer reading programs these days aren't the average … ...Read More...

Natural personal care products for your armpits

natural personal care products #shop #collectivebias

Disclosure: This natural personal care products shop has been compensated by #CollectiveBias Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions about staying #FreshNaturally are mine alone. Let me just state this for the record: I hate making my own natural personal care products to use on myself. I'll make cleaners for the house, and laundry detergent, if need be. However, when it comes to making my own deodorant like I see everyone doing on Pinterest, I just cringe at the thought of creating my own armpit … ...Read More...

Outdoor water fun with Nerf Rebelle

outdoor water fun #nerf #rebelle #summer

Disclosure: I received the Nerf Rebelle Super Soaker Dolphina Bow in order to facilitate this write-up. There was no monetary compensation, just good, clean outdoor water fun with the kids! All opinions are mine, and those of my children. Enjoy!   Every year the kids get out of school in June. It's just part of life here on Long Island. These same kids don't go back to school until September. After Labor Day. Yes, over 90 days of children home from school, all day, every day. What the hell … ...Read More...

Free bowling for kids 2014

free bowling for kids #freebowling #summer

Let's face it, all of us can't send our kids to camp. It's not always in our budget, and sometimes our kids just aren't interested in going to camp. It could be day camp they don't like, sleep away camp they don't enjoy, or they just aren't interested in the camp experience. Not every kid is cut out for camp. However, what's left for parents to do with their kids for an entire summer? Well, free bowling for kids is one option! Free bowling for kids An amazing program that started quite a … ...Read More...

Movies for $1 in summer 2014

Regal Summer Movie Express Movies for $1

Every summer movie theatre's figure out how to make parents happy: movies for $1 all summer long. It's a beautiful weekly outing that won't cost a fortune if you just see the movie, and skip all the popcorn and drinks! Movies for $1 Where can one find movies for $1? It's kind of easy to locate IF you know where to look. Hey, that's why I'm here, right? I search this kind of stuff out, and share it. It's what I do! Let's share! Regal Entertainment Group theatres show their $1 movies at … ...Read More...

Get kids off the couch with Zing toys

get kids off the couch #zingtoys #sponsored

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received product for review purposes. The opinions expressed in this write-up are my own, and that of my children. It's all 100% November Sunflower! Summer's coming, and even though I enjoy my time in the central air conditioning, I also enjoy getting the kids outside as much as possible. After the winter Long Island experienced from December to just last month (because even though the seasons were suppose to change, Mother Nature … ...Read More...