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Sky Zone Birthday Party

Parents always want their kids to have amazing birthdays. Birthday memories are ones that last forever. I still remember the parties my parents would throw for my sister and I. We always had joint birthday parties in March, because my sister's big day was at the end of February and mine was at the beginning of April. March was the best time for a combo birthday party. The difference between parties back then, and parties these days? Our parties always had family, and family friends. I don't … ...Read More...

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Sky Zone Birthday Party

photography fan #sponsored #holidayshopping

Parents always want their kids to have amazing birthdays. Birthday memories are ones that last forever. I still remember the parties my parents would throw for my sister and I. We always had joint birthday parties in March, because my sister's big day was at the end of February and mine was at the … [Read More...]

Cache fashion store closing sale

cache fashion store closing sale #fashionsale #budgetfashion

It's sad when premium women's apparel chains have to close down. Cache fashion store closing sale is a nice way to get a few great pieces for your wardrobe, though! Take a bad situation for Cache and turn it into a fantastic fashion coup for yourself!  Cache fashion store closing sale Turning a … [Read More...]

HelloFresh offering 2 Free Meals

It may not feel like Spring to some of us on the East Coast, but it truly is Spring according to the calendar. Since spring is in the air, my thoughts go right to spending more time outdoors. I want to enjoy the beautiful weather, and not be cooped up in the house after this horrible winter! … [Read More...]

Monday manicure and pedicure ideas

monday manicure and pedicure ideas #mondaymanis #manicures #julep

Around my house, my daughter's nails are always the priority. I'm not super sure when this shift happened. I used to take care of my manicures and pedicures, and when I had time, Little Miss received a manicure and pedicure. Well, that's now shot to sh*t. Her manis and pedis come first, and when I … [Read More...]

Top 6 Evgie Wall Decals and a $200 Gift Card Giveaway

top 6 evgie wal decals and $200 gift card giveaway #evgie #giftcardgiveaway #walldecals

  The best part about a new season is the opportunity to update your home: fresh sets of new sheets for your bedrooms; a new shower curtain and bath mat for the main bathroom; perhaps a couple of new throw pillows for your living room. Easy, relatively inexpensive updates can be made to … [Read More...]

State Necklaces from Cents of Style

Did you catch Shark Tank last night? They had the guy with those t-shirts...you know the ones. The shirts had a state with the word home on it. They are from the home state tshirt company. I've loved those shirts since I saw a friend of mine wearing one in NYC. Well, if you're not into tshirts, but … [Read More...]

7 Easter Basket Ideas

Candy in Easter Baskets. The kids get so much candy on Easter Sunday, I try not to fill their baskets from us with a mix of toys, clothes and non-candy gifts. Is it easy? No. I have a hard time figuring out what to put into the baskets every year. Since I struggle every year with the choices for … [Read More...]

Never press a four-leaf clover

Never press a four-leaf clover #fourleafclover #4leafclover #stpattysday2015 #irisheyes

We don't do much around here to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. My Nana insists we're part Irish. Who knows, she could be right! Australians are a melting pot, just like Americans. We could very well be part Irish. It's what I tell myself as a devour my corned beef, and Irish Soda Bread! Never press … [Read More...]

Protecting cleats (and floors)

protecting cleats and floors #cleatskins #ad

Picture if you will: Two kids. Two sets of cleats. Hardwood floors throughout my home. Can you see it. Now, imagine me, the mom. What do you see me doing? Would it be screaming at the kids to get off the floors with their cleats? Am I shaking my head as they clap along my floors? Perhaps it's seeing … [Read More...]

7 Nail Designs for Spring

7 nail designs for Spring #naildesigns #springnails #chosenchixhop

Spring is in the air. Well, that's what the calendar is showing us here in New York, but I don't think Mother Nature has gotten the message. Winter seems to want to stick around for longer than usual, but there's no stopping the warm, Spring weather. It'll get here at some point! In celebration of … [Read More...]

Wedding Collection from ModCloth

What is it about Spring that conjures up images of weddings? Everyone always wants a beautiful Spring wedding at places like The Plaza, or in a beautiful garden someplace. There's just something about Spring that screams "Let's get married." New life happening around us makes us want to start our … [Read More...]

Capturing life moments in a Montage

capturing life moments in a montage #montage #memories #photogift #ad

A little over a year ago, I had the most amazing gift given to me. It wasn't given to me by any one person. It was just life giving me a beautiful gift at the right time, and it worked out exactly as it should. It took me a year to be able to do it, but I'm capturing life moments in a Montage photo … [Read More...]

Trade-in your MacBook with Gazelle’s 45-Day Price Lock Promo

After the unveil of the brand new MacBook on Monday, are you anxiously awaiting to get your hands on it? Who wouldn't be? The new MacBook will be released on April 10th as the lightest, and thinnest, Mac in Apple's history! It'll weight just an itty bitty two pounds. It's going to save shoulders all … [Read More...]

Starting a small business? Focus on email marketing

starting a small business #smallbusiness #logomojo #99designs #fiverr #ad

If you're starting a small business, chances are you're going to be selling something. I'm just guessing there, taking a shot in the dark, that the purpose of your new business is to sell something. It could be a product, it could be a service, it could be your nose hairs (I'm kidding, just checking … [Read More...]

Healthy free trials with Aloha

ALOHA is dedicated to delivering great tasting, high quality nutrition that lifts your spirit. There's a fantastic line of products made only from natural, and organically grown, ingredients. Ingredients that are developed with the help of over 200 health experts, are socially and environmentally … [Read More...]