30 05, 2014

Maleficent movie was cast perfectly with Jolie

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Disclosure: Disney was nice enough to send me, the kids, and Mr. November Sunflower to see the movie at a local theatre on Long Island. No monetary compensation was offered, just a chance to view the movie so I could give my honest opinion about #Maleficent. Honest to goodness truth? I'm not a fan of [...]

21 05, 2014

Should you go see Million Dollar Arm

By | 2015-07-11T12:17:26-04:00 May 21, 2014|November Sunflower Entertainment, Reviews|Comments Off on Should you go see Million Dollar Arm

As always, I'm so thankful to Disney for sending me to see Million Dollar Arm with my family. It's always nice to attend without having to pay, however, as always, I'm going to give my opinions - the good, and the bad. Everything here is 100 percent my own! Let's dig in, shall we? What's [...]