How many resolutions have you broken already

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Let’s re-visit the top 5 resolutions that are made, and broken, within 24 to 48 hours of the New Year!

Why should we re-visit? Well, basically, I know most of us don’t even remember the resolutions we made. They’re a distant memory. We’ve blocked them out of our minds, as if we never made them. Resolutions? What? New year? I hadn’t noticed. I’m still writing 2012 on my stuff…….

Well my friends, I’m here to smack you back to reality. Remind you of those resolutions you made!!!! And remind you that it is easy to turn a 2, into a 3, when you accidentally keep writing 2012 on EVERYTHING.

Broken Resolutions for the New Year - And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been.

Broken Resolutions

Here’s a list of the resolutions you might have broken already. It has a few “solutions” for getting a hold of them again (because I’m always eager to help my buddies out):

Eat Healthier.

Well, it’s not as hard as you might think! There’s a ton of places online that can help you meal plan, and work on eating healthier. I like Food on the Table. Let’s get real, though. Who wants to deal with that? I know I don’t. So instead, GRAB AN APPLE instead of the bag of chips when you’re hungry. Or maybe another high fiber treat, because FIBER makes you feel much fuller for much longer than a carb will. You can thank  me later.

Save Money.

Ummmmm, this one is a no brainer. Just stick with reading my blog, and all the new strategic shopping tutorials I’m writing so you keep learning about all the ways to earn points, and money, for free online.

Yell at the Kids less.

Well, this one is simple. Lock them in their rooms, and just feed them under the door……..Oh, wait, that’s not going to work. It isn’t prison. Hmmmmm, that might take me a few years to figure out. I do refer to a great book though, it’s Stop Reacting and Start Responding. Total score in our house.

Spend more time with Family.

Now after you’ve read the book mentioned above, you’ll be more at peace and capable of enjoying the family. However, I have a ton of chores, and errands. My least favorite thing to do? SHOPPING for groceries. Instead, I normally send the husband! But then he’s not spending time with the family, so I introduced him to mygopher.com. He shops for groceries, and then the grocery delivery arrives on our doorstep. They even offer us the Shop Your Way Rewards option, so we can earn points for the items we buy. SCORE.


We all want to experience weight loss and really work-out and get into those fitness DVDs, or Zumba on those game consoles……hahahaaaaaaaaaaaa, yeah right. No one wants to work-out. It’s a necessary evil in our lives. Just walk with the kids, or get something you can do at home so no one is watching you at the gym. I like to workout with KettleWorx. It’s fun, fast, and I do it AT HOME. No embarrassment required.

I know, sometimes you just want to forget the resolutions you made. Tough poop. Get your butts in gear and fulfill your destiny.

Not convincing at all, was it? Did you pick up on the sarcasm? I thought so. I’ll add that to my list, “less sarcasm.”

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  1. Lynsey @MoscatoMom January 26, 2013 at 4:07 pm

    I am actually doing REALLY great with my resolution – I resolved to do 12 5k races in 2013 and have a quilt made with the tshirts from each race. I did my first one last Saturday and I am signed up for a mud run in February and a Foam run in March. Good start!

    • November Sunflower January 26, 2013 at 4:29 pm

      Excellent! I always wish I liked running. It is such a great way to stay healthy….

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