25 12, 2012

Merry Christmas from my Family to Yours

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It's Christmas, and since we celebrate that around this house, I'm wishing all of you a fantastic holiday with your families. If you don't celebrate, I hope you get to enjoy the day with your families anyway!!!!

18 12, 2012

3D has entered the world of iPads: #CypherKidsClub Cards

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Got an iPad? iPod? iPhone? These cards offer a great way to teach about letters, and numbers, in a fun, and unique 3D way! Total hit, definitely not a miss. Cypher Kids Club Cards rock.

15 12, 2012

Heartlight Girls™ Series Beauty’s Secret

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It's a blessing to have a daughter. It's also extremely difficult to teach little girls about self-esteem, and developing them from the inside out. When your daughter is beautiful, it's a larger battle, and I've taken this battle on BIG TIME. Beauty's Secret is going to be a huge help getting my little girl to understand what inner beauty truly is.

9 12, 2012

FlyLine Remote Control Planes

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  Heaven. It's what my son was in on Saturday, at The Big Toy Book Holiday event at Yotel in NYC. If he could have flown the FlyLine Remote Control Plane all day, he would have. He kept getting in line, and his sister wasn't far behind him! Totally adorable. And totally something we are [...]

6 12, 2012

Sports Illustrated isn’t just for the adults anymore

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Sports Illustrated is winning awards, and available on your tablet! So cool. Oh, and it's Sports Illustrated for Kids! SWEET.

3 12, 2012

MarbleSpark Personalized Holiday Book for your little one

By | 2016-08-30T14:07:15-04:00 December 3, 2012|November Sunflower Entertainment, Reviews|12 Comments

If your child can read, it's a great book. But what is even better? When they may not be able to read, but they know their own name. When my son recognized his name in the book, while I was reading it, he was in awe. Seriously LOVED IT.