20 01, 2011

Review: Boba Carrier

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Boba Carrier - quality product, beautiful material is ORGANIC COTTON and the Earth one is a gorgeous, deep brown. This item, if taken care of, will last for a long time. It'll make it through quite a few kids. Plus, it can be used on your front, back.

6 01, 2011

Review: Stop Reacting and Start Responding™ eBook

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I've got a quick temper. It's always been there, but not as bad as it is now. Finally, this book helped me recognize at the tail end of reading the whole book, why I'm losing my temper so easily. PLUS, I've started to use some of the techniques....big difference with the kids. Wish it was not an eBook though.....now I've got to print it so I can go back to it and reinforce it when I start to slip. Thanks to Sharon Silver, the author of Stop Reacting and Start Responding(TM).

9 05, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day

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Image by protoflux via Flickr I know this is not a post about being frugal, or saving money, or coupons, or deals, etc. But I wanted to take a bit of time to say Happy Mother's Day to my readers, followers and EVERY Mom out there! I also wanted to write a bit about my [...]