4 12, 2023

The Ultimate of All the Cookie Holidays: National Cookie Day

By | 2023-11-16T13:30:34-05:00 December 4, 2023|Food|0 Comments

We've got national days for everything these days! Throughout the year we have a ton of cookie holidays like Chocolate Chip Cookie Day in August, Sugar Cookie Day in July, and even Oatmeal Cookie Day in April. They're loved by many, and probably one of the most baked desserts around Christmas. I mean, we all [...]

22 11, 2023

Throw an Epic Dip Party for Your Holiday Celebrations

By | 2023-11-14T14:16:40-05:00 November 22, 2023|Lifestyle|0 Comments

Big, grand holiday parties are overwhelming to host and frankly, they're also overwhelming to attend. Let's start a new trend: small holiday gatherings centered around the best part of the holiday meals, DIPS!!!!!! Let's all agree to start throwing an epic dip party for our favorite holidays and take huge steps away from the chaotic [...]

9 11, 2023

Fried Chicken Sandwich Recipe Round Up

By | 2023-10-25T12:08:15-04:00 November 9, 2023|Food|0 Comments

Enjoying fried chicken makes me wiggle with delight. I don't have it often, as it isn't the healthiest meal option. However, when I'm exhausted, hungry, and being an absolute low blood sugar nightmare, fried chicken is my go-to meal of choice. I'm not sure if my obsession with fried chicken is due to living around [...]

6 11, 2023

Nachos Recipes: the Ultimate Round Up for National Nachos Day

By | 2023-10-14T16:06:56-04:00 November 6, 2023|Food|0 Comments

What makes one Nacho Recipe stand out above all the others? Well, I suppose it depends on what you love, right? Are you a fan of meat, or just love veggies? Maybe you're a lover of both, or perhaps all you want is tortilla chips covered in cheese? Whatever you love, you'll find your perfect [...]